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Eden Lime Mortar

Eden Lime Mortar

Manufacturer and Retailer

of Lime Mortar, Lime Putty
& Lime Insulation


Supplying Lime Products in Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Lancashire and throughout the country

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is a leading supplier of Lime Mortars and Lime Insulation to customers in the North of England, South of Scotland and throughout the UK. Along with Hydraulic lime from North Lincolnshire, coloured sand, goat hair and other products. Importantly Eden Lime Mortar can also provide training days for builders, DIY enthusiasts and architects to promote the good use of lime products. All backed up by our hands on practical experience.


Making Hot Lime Mortar since 2001


Some of the important reasons to use and buy Lime Mortar and Lime Insulation:-



Walls breath better and moisture can evaporate.
Mortars and renders do not set too hard and are less likely to crack.
Insulation is improved and cold bridging reduced.
Reduced risk of condensation.
Masonry life is increased.


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The insulation is breathable.
Stops condensation.
Retains the features and character of a wall.


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EDEN LIME MORTAR was formed in 2001 by Tim Wells when renovating his house and adjoining barn. The house dated back to 1687. The barn had been added on at various stages over the next three centuries years, hence there was a combination of lime and cement products holding the building in position.


"While working on the project it became apparent that where the building had had lime mortars used the walls were dry and in good condition. The more recent additions had been done with Portland cement, where there were cracks in the wall and the walls were very damp. My interest in lime had begun; I employed a master builder (MEA EDEN’S LIME BUILDERS LTD) who has 42 years of experience of working with lime products and renovating old properties to carry out all the renovation work. Local products from within Cumbria were sourced, lime from a local quarry and an aggregate sand, three months later Eden Lime Mortar was developed."




New Products from Eden Lime


Savolit Wool Wood Boards

The composition and performance of Savolit boards makes them ideal for many different applications in building construction with their surface providing an excellent mechanical key for direct plastering or rendering. Manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN 13168. Contact us for more information.


Eden Lime Insulation

We have developed our own breathable insulation plaster.

Eden Lime Insulation was developed whilst  looking at the insulation of an Eighteenth century house.  It had little insulation, big problems with condensation and the owner was reluctant to tank it, seal it  or inject it all of which would make it non breathable. The aim therefore was  to insulate the property with a breathable material.


Eden Lime looked at the products on the market at the time and it was felt that non of these matched the requirements of a fully breathable insulation material. Over a period of months Eden Lime undertook their own in house trials and product development to come up with a new solution, Eden Lime Insulation

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What is Lime Mortar?


Lime is made from calcium carbonate. This can be found in a variety of forms for example chalk, limestone or sea shells. In the British Isles sources are almost invariably chalk or limestone. In the case of Eden Lime Mortar, it is mainly Limestone from Shap in Cumbria, the Hydraulic Lime Eden Lime Mortar sell is quarried in Lincolnshire.

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Tips on using Lime Mortar?


Quantities guide for specific jobs and other information on using Lime Mortar.

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Eden Lime Mortar Products


Lime mortar - This mortar is suitable for pointing, building, rendering and plastering. The mortar has been matured for at least 3 months so it ideal for plastering. Goat hair is to be added by you just before application of the plastering mortar.

A washed sand can be added, if you are requiring a specific shade. Please give a ring to discuss your requirements

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